Remote debugging a Web App over Wi-fi without USB.

  • Understand the use case(s) for remote debugging without USB.
  • Install Android Studio, along with the SDK platform tools.
  • Activate Developer mode on your Android Phone.
  • Configure your Android Developer settings to connect to your debugging Mac/PC.
  • Run commands on the terminal to connect your devices.
  • Setup and access your Android phone from your Mac/PC using Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Have a better appreciation of folks who generate all the good content that helps to make us better developers (or better people, in general). It’s not an easy process.
  1. Basic use case: making sure your app works correctly on your phone.
A screenshot of instructions for enabling the developer options
Image 2.0: Enable developer options
Image 3.1: Turn on Wireless ADB debugging.
Image 3.2: Turn on Wireless debugging.
Image 3.3: Allow wireless debugging
Image 3.4: Get a pairing code
Image 3.5: Note the Pairing code, IP address and Port
Image 5.1: Chrome inspect device
Image 5.2: Final output



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Brian Odike

Brian Odike

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